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Laughing Bees logo with two laughing cartoon bees over a black background.

Laughing Bees

The worlds best Honey Caramels and other sweet treats, since 2020

-   ABOUT US  -

Laughing Bees owner Annie Brown at a local vendor event

Welcome to Laughing Bees, home of the world's most delicious honey caramels and a variety of delightful honey-infused treats. Located in the heart of Newport, Kentucky, Laughing Bees is owned by the incredible Annie Brown, a beloved local figure known for her warm heart and down-to-earth nature. Annie, a proud resident of Fort Thomas, Kentucky, has captured the hearts of our community with her unwavering kindness and infectious charm. Annie is a graduate of the inaugural 2022 Queen City Game Changers women's leadership program, and is proud to be returning to the program in 2023 as a Champion. She has also been named a member of the 2024 Leadership NKY program sponsored by NKY Chamber of Commerce.

While Annie's expertise lies in crafting decadent caramels and granola using locally sourced honey, there's more to her than meets the eye. In addition to being a confectionery artist, Annie is a passionate biker, a talented artist, and a local YouTube sensation. On her popular channel, she and her twin, Cricket, take delight in watching and playfully mocking a beloved show called Dark Shadows. Their folksy, humorous commentary has garnered a dedicated following, and their unique blend of wit and warmth has made them local celebrities. (Like comment and subscribe to The Sin Twisters!)

At Laughing Bees, we take pride in using the finest honey from our community to create unparalleled treats. Every bite of our handcrafted caramels and granola is infused with Annie's love for her craft and her genuine passion for supporting local beekeepers. With a dash of Annie's delightful charm, our products offer a truly authentic and flavorful experience that will leave you craving more.

Come and indulge in the delectable offerings at Laughing Bees Taste the sweetness of Annie's creations and savor the love and dedication that goes into every batch. If seeking the finest honey treats around, Laughing Bees is your destination for quality, flavor, and a touch of local charm.

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Laughing Bees logo with cartoon bees laughing and below them in cursive font is the text 'Laughing Bees'

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