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Laughing Bees

The worlds best Honey Caramels and other sweet treats, since 2020

Indulge in the incredible flavor of our beloved Honey Caramels, handcrafted with local honey and the finest ingredients. These smooth, heavenly treats melt in your mouth, offering a caramel experience like no other. Infused with the golden goodness of our region's local honey, each bite captures the essence of sweetness, delivering pure satisfaction. With our artisanal touch, we achieve the perfect balance of texture and taste, creating heartfelt confectionary treasures that embody homemade indulgence. Choose from our classic Vanilla Honey Caramels, the flavor that put Laughing Bees on the map, or our all-time favorite Sea Salt Honey Caramels, a blend of caramel paradise with a delicate sprinkle of sea salt. For the ultimate indulgence, try our Turtle Praline Honey Caramels, where crunchy pecans and rich chocolate elevate our classic caramel to new heights. Experience the magic of Laughing Bees' Honey Caramels, where local honey and traditional caramel-making meet to create unforgettable delights.


Contains milk. Turlte Praline Honey Caramels contain pecans and soy.

Honey Caramels


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